Mr. Mommy

Today is my first, official Mother's Day.
I'm loving every second.

Since 12:01am - I haven't changed a single diaper.

This morning, Adam helped me make a huge breakfast and a friend of ours come over to share with us. Adam prepared our favorite breakfast side: roasted sweet potatoes with onions, baby bella mushrooms and a special savory seasoning blend. Its a dish Lily and I like to call "Roasty Toasty Sweetie Pots." And if you know Adam - you'll immediately be impressed that he overcame his kitchen-o-phobia to prepare the dish. This was his first time slicing mushrooms. (Don't tell him - but I think he might have made the sweetie pots better than I do.) Anyway - I made chicken sausage and eggs, sliced avocado, we made banana-cherry muffins, hamsteak for our friend, old fashioned oatmeal, French Roast coffee and also a new drink - fresh squeezed orange & lime juice spritzers (recipe to follow post). It was a fantastic spread. Breakfast is always my favorite meal. We all ate together. Lily had some avocado and muffin. Good conversation & good times. Our friend brought us the Sunday paper. The boys read on the couch after breakfast and I put Lily down for a nap. House got quiet. Friend went home. Adam went out. And I took a "Happy First Mother's Day" phonecall (from Adam's big sister.) Within minutes - Mr. Mommy was sneaking in the back door with the tallest and prettiest Rubrum Lily plant that I've ever seen. For me. Then he gave me the sweetest card and told me not to wash one dish. (I'm pretty sure we dirtied every dish that we own.) Adam is napping next to Lily Ann and I'm about to plunge into a hot bath with three drops of calming ylang-ylang oil in it.
It is 10:30am now and I can't imagine one more ounce of goodness could fit into my first Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to you and yours too!
Fresh Squeezed Orange & Lime Spritzer
1 c. fresh squeezed OJ
2 T fresh squeezed lime juice
1 tsp. sugar
2-3 c. sparkling mineral water (to taste).
Combine & serve over ice in pretty glasses.


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