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I've finally found it! The area where my little princess is truly advanced. She's a champion tantrum thrower. And she didn't wait until she turned two. No no - our girl is gifted. Nineteen months old and, today, she stomped her little feet and screamed at her daddy because she had to stop playing with a box of bandages in the bathroom. It was comical. And, I'm sure it was just the beginning of more and more assertions of her own little will. She's also learned the word "no" - and she loves to use it. She regularly sticks her little tongue out at me when she gets upset about being told "no." And she's mastered the art of flailing when she doesn't want to be moved or forced into anything.
I've been doing some reading about toddlerhood lately. And I'm comforted that this is absolutely normal. In fact, this is a milestone just like any other - and maybe I should be as proud that she's grown up to be such a fantastic …

Playing Dress-up

This morning, Lily Ann decided to put on one of my headbands. She wore it like this for a couple of hours and through breakfast. She was also "meeow-ing" like a kitty.

Her First Tea Party

Today Lily Ann had a little friend over for tea. They had a lovely time. Fortunately, we snapped a few pictures of their party.

Walkin' Girl

So maybe it took a little longer than normal for my little princess to walk.
One of Lily Ann's baby friends was walking at around nine months. Naturally, I thought Lily would walk around then too. When she didn't, I wasn't worried - because I was sure that, like most babies, she would walk at around twelve to fifteen months.
Fifteen months came and went. No walking. She was crawling and holding on to furniture while she "cruised" around the house. But she just had no interest in walking. I kept thinking - "any day".
And finally - at nearly nineteen months old. . . she walked. And she is walking everywhere these days. Here's a little video of her skills.