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The Baker's Wife - A Book Review

Main character, Audrey has a supernatural sense of other peoples’ pain. God gives her an ability to feel the distress of others and uses her to help heal them. As she helps her husband pick up the pieces, after unjustly losing his job as pastor of a small town church, she finds herself the suspect of a crime.
Early one morning, while driving in the fog, she hits an object. When she gets out of the car, she finds that she’s struck a motor scooter. Massive amounts of blood cover everything - but there’s no sign of a body.
Upon investigation, the blood and the scooter are found to be those of Julie Mansfield, the missing wife of Detective Jack Mansfield – the church board member who fired Audrey’s husband Goeff.
Mansfield is confident that Audrey and Goeff are lying and they know where to find his wife. His obsession in proving their guilt drives him out of control – to a point where he becomes dangerous.
As the mystery unfolds, the reader is held in a fantastic suspense, clinging to eac…

Bible Stories for Preshchoolers - A Book Review

Let me just begin by saying that I've been looking for a good book for my three year old with Bible stories. We've found a few, here and there, but they seem to be either too difficult for her to understand or too simple to explain the full message.
When I was given the opportunity to review this book of Bible Stories for Preschoolers, from Tyndale publishers, I was eager to do it.
The book is about the size of a regular Bible - pretty thick and hard covered.  This, of course, delighted my daughter. She immediately said, "This is my Bible."
Upon reading the first few stories, I was just as "in love" as she was. The stories are written just for a preschooler. Language is easy to understand - there are built-in questions, like "do you see the boat Noah is building?" And the stories are accurate - not silly, rhyming words that don't mean much - but real stories, written for the average preschooler.
Obviously not all the stories of the Bible are i…

When God Created My Toes - Book Review

My three year old daughter and I really love this book. First of all, the artwork - including cover art - is absolutely amazing. Then the simple, rhyming story is lovely. The vocabulary is perfect for a toddler. It was good to introduce the word 'created' instead of just 'made' for my daughter.
The story, itself, is precious and there seems to be a lot of love represented in the pages. The parents in the story seem to love their child and there are lots of warm images of such.
I would recommend this book to any parent for a toddler - boy or girl.
The main character of the story is a girl - but the book could really go either way.
Five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, for review. However, I am not required to submit a positive review.