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My First Year as MOM . . . .

I'll post some pic's of Lily's first year soon. However - my heart has to express some words first.

Lily Ann has been a blessing to us since she entered this wretched world. For me, she has been a constant reminder of God's love. Every smile she has bestowed upon me; every time her eyes rest on mine; every kiss she's planted on me; every snuggle; every delightful gasp when I pick her up; every single breath that I hear her take - unmistakable blessings.
One day - I remember coming home from a long Saturday at work - needing some rest. I knew I'd have my little snuggler in my arms the moment I entered the home. However - she wanted to nurse before her nap. I felt a little "put upon" and inconvenienced at first. But I noticed - that just after she began her frantic suckling for nourishment, she stopped - kept her tiny nose pressed against me - and began to breathe deeply. She was smelling me. Breathing me in. Needing me.
Suddenly - I stopped caring about m…

Lazy Days of Spring


The Owl

There is an owl statue that we have in our house. He was given to us by some very close friends of ours and he sits in our windowsill. We love the owl.

Recently - Lily Ann discovered that she too loves Mr. Owl.
She swiped him from the windowsill the other day and clung to him all day long. She holds him like a he's her baby and she touches his little face and eyes.

The Nose

I had always wondered why I had been so overly blessed in the nasal department. Not a mystery anymore . . .
A few days back - Lily was settling down for her nap. She was extra cranky and tired - but just tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I had laid down next to her - to help her get all cuddly and sleepy. Just when I was sure she was never going to get to sleep she found a perfect position. She laid her head down and stretched her right arm out across my face. It came to rest on my shnaaz. And she fell right to sleep. My nose was just the right size to hold her little arm up and give it a place to rest for a while. I'm so glad God never saw fit to grant my childhood wishes for a nose like everyone else's. He must've known that someday, I'd need all the nose I could get - to help make my little angel more comfortable at naptime.