Another Blessing

Well. I guess this is a good way to tell everyone. Adam and I are expecting another child. We hadn't actually planned for this, but we're elated that it has happened.

I am about eight weeks along. And I'm feeling quite well.

Our new little blessing will be here in late May. Just a couple of weeks before Lily Ann's second birthday.

What a lovely surprise.


Elizabeth said…
I am so happy for you. You're a really good mommy and for you to have another to raise is absolute wonderful. Keep me posted! So excited about your new move. We absolutely LOVE the beach as a family and to live as close as you do to it is so cool. Mom and all the brothers and sisters say, "Hello!" Blessings to you Dear Sister in Christ!
Lori A said…
Congratulations!! That's so awesome! I don't see a date on that post. Was it just today or are you further along now?? Miss you!
Mayasa said…
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I'm just mad that we became friends and now you moved away and I can't talk to your belly while the baby's in there whenever I feel like it...*sadface* But, YAAAAAAAAAY baby smell and new baby feet and all that fun stuff that comes with it!!! So happy for you guys!
Michaelene said…
Congratulations! That is so exciting. It is exhausting to have two, but seeing the way ours play together already is worth it (even if I don't always admit it).

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