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In the Middle of the Mess, By Sheila Walsh - A book review

Am I the only one with a messy life? Probly not. But it always seems that way. If I'm honest, I'm always striving for better. I want to be more organized, more tidy, more crafty, more resilient, more fancy looking, etc.
Sheila Walsh's book is spot-on. She writes from a place of honesty and candor. I appreciate the truth in the pages and Biblical insight throughout. This book isn't just for Christians. It's for anyone who feels less-than-acceptable. It's for those looking to get a grip on life and keep climbing. You won't want to put this one down.
It was nice to read a book reminding me that I can be whole - in the middle of my own mess. That life isn't perfect or always smooth; and that none of us was meant to stay bent beneath our loads.
I recommend this book to the polished and unpolished alike.