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Daddy's Girl

Now it is true - Lily Ann is very well attached to her mother. She follows me around like a little shadow and gets very upset when we have to be apart. However, she absolutely loves it when she can have the attention of her handsome father.
She knows the sound of his particular footsteps when he comes up the stairs. She says "daddy" and looks expectantly at the door when she hears his walk.
She loves to pat him when he's sleeping. She likes to take walks with him and go to the beach with him. They have special dates at a nearby cafe' as well.
One of our friends snapped this photo of Lily and Adam at church together last week. I think it is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen.

Well . . .

I guess I had better make her a set of dress-up clothes. I found Lily Ann with our dirty laundry strewn all over the bedroom. She was happily putting things on and dressing herself all up in mom and dad's clothing. She was wearing one of Adam's workshirts with the sleeve over her head. She looked pretty smashing.

A Family of 3.75

It was so nice out today that Adam and Lily and I decided to pack a picnic dinner and eat at the beach. It was sunny and not too windy. What a nice time. The sun was shining just right to give us a good shadow picture of our (current) family of three. Only a few more weeks until our fourth arrives. Our midwife confirmed, last week, that he's head down and in the right position for his birthday.
What you may not be able to see in the picture is that I'm just about as big as a house :).
We've started to prepare for the birth with the same hypnosis we used for pain control with Lily Ann ( We have a really nice doula and a VERY natural labor friendly hospital directly across the street from our house. I'm optimistic that things will go well and that our new little munchkin will enjoy a peaceful entry into this big world.
We are on the road to a new beginning . . . . a family of four.

Free Museum Day!

On Wednesday, all the museums in our area had free admission. It happens the first Wednesday of each month. We took Lily Ann to a museum designed for toddlers. It is a really cool place. Most children's museums are for older kids - but this one is for the wee ones. We had so much fun watching her play and enjoy herself. Here are some pictures of her adventures.