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Driving Lessons

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in a hurry to get home from work. Mainly because It was 10:30pm and I was tired. Anyway - I wasn't speeding. But I decided to pass a line of cars, in the "turn only" lane, while they were waiting at the stoplight. (When the light turned green, of course). Seemed like the only way I'd get ahead of those slowpokes.

Well - the front car in that line was an undercover police officer. And - I was unaware that three of the four breaklights on the back of my car were burnt out and my right turn signal was also in need of a change. So - he waited until I failed to signal at the next turn and pulled me over.

I knew exactly why I'd been pulled off the road. Not only was I driving a moving violation - but I was driving like a fool. I can come up with lots of excuses as to why I was in a rush to get home. I can explain and qualify and justify all day long. But - in truth - I was act…

Lillies and Tulips

Today is beautiful in our village! In the sixties outside. Lily bonked her head (again) in the house and I knew it would help her feel better if we went outside for a bit.
Once we were out - I knew we had to get the camera. Then we snuck over to the neighbor's yard and sat right in the middle of all their tall tulips.

A Bubblebath Morning

This morning Lily woke early - around 7am. We played a bit and then decided we might as well go ahead and get a bath. Lily and I had a night on the town lastnight and we were both a bit grubby. It was a great time. We played with the rubber duckies and sang little songs. She is a great bathpartner. Anyway - here's a little pic of me and my girl. Squeaky clean and dry.

A Tea Party

Lastnight - there was a "Tea Party" in our city. As there was in many major cities across our free country. I'm not too much of an activist. However, this was the first protest that I ever wanted to attend. It was awesome. A message to our federal government that we don't really need so much of their "help". That our children don't want to be forever in debt because of our mistakes. That we don't want any rebates, bailouts, stimulus checks. We'd rather our children and grandchildren grow up in a free country. With a free economy and free trade. Just like we did. We want our country to remain as free as ever before.
Now I'm not a member of either of the two major political parties. Both want much bigger government than I ever wish to see. I just want to live here, in freedom and peace and as a positive force in my community. Without ever having to ask Big Brother how I should raise my child, spend my time or money or manage my own health. I w…

Tax Help

Well - every year, since I was sixteen, I've filed my own taxes - by hand. My mom taught me. And I've just always done it. Once, when I owned a small corporation, I hired it out - just for the business. And the accountant screwed up my small business taxes so much that I had to take them back and file them myself.
However, this year - I had some help with my state taxes. About a month ago, I filed the federal forms - late at night when the house was quiet. But the state forms only take a couple of hours. So I kept putting it off and putting it off. Until Monday. I knew I had to get them done.
Fortunately, I had a sweet little helper. And I didn't mind one bit. She was great. She didn't charge me anything (except room and board). She made it much more fun - more of an aerobic workout than ever before. And she even offered to eat any unnecessary documents when we were finished.

Lily & Her Shadow

Lily has a little bedtime friend. She shows up at night - when there is a bit of light shining from another room. And just when Lily is calm and ready for sleep, she notices her little friend, who is waiting to play. Normally, I just give in. They play so well together. And they are everso happy to see eachother. Lastnight her friend even got a nice kiss before bed.