The Circle Caper

Let me begin by saying this: my girl is precious. She is a sweet little lady. She is smart - like her daddy and mom - but she's also a baby. I do realize that babies are babies and there are several universal truths about babies.
Like everyone else - I get a little bored when people want to tell me their version of the "my kid is advanced" story.
I think another universal truth is that first time moms tend to spend lots of time adoring their smart babies and have a propensity toward bragging, "big fish" tales and the like. And I certainly fall right into that category.
That being said. I want to brag about her.
But I will resist. I'll just let my "new to me" camera tell you a story of an 11 month old that can't talk in sentences yet, doesn't walk without assistance - but who already has a favorite shape.
In the photos (unstaged) you'll see her own collection of circles. I totally allow her to have them - but i didn't give her any. I have a low kitchen cabinet that she likes to open. One day, I finally let her look inside. I have all sorts of rectangular small cutting boards, square Tupperware and lids, etc. But miss Lilypants carefully selected each circle - then she kept herself gleefully busy for about a half hour playing circles on the big checkerboard kitchen floor. Now we've made a little circle game that we play for (literally) hours of our days. Mostly because it's fun for both of us. I like checkers. But I never thought she'd be teaching me to play.


elisejade said…
What an adorable memory this is going to be.

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