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Ahhhhh . . .

Such a sweet moment.  My two babies are napping peacefully.  Believe it or not - this picture isn't even staged.  I was laying between them, trying to get Lily Ann to sleep and playing with Miles at the same time, when I noticed - they were both falling asleep at the same time.  It's as if they'd had a little meeting and decided, "let's give mom a breather this afternoon."  However it happened, I'm enjoying a the break.  I love these babies so very much - but it sure is nice to be able to take some time out and enjoy a little peace.  I haven't done much to keep this blog updated lately.  So now this can be erased from my mental "to do list".  Now I'd better pick up the house (again) before second shift.

Your Money God's Way

This is another book review for the publisher, Thomas Nelson.  I read Your Money God's Way: Overcoming the 7 Money Myths that Keep Christians Brokeby Amie Streater.  It was a pretty good book.  The author shares many stories of people in really tough financial situations and outlines solutions to their problems.  She writes with a lot of honesty and a bit of humor and grace.  It is difficult to read through a book about personal finance and not fall asleep - but this one was much more interesting than I had anticipated.  She promotes an 80-10-10 plan (giving 10 percent, saving 10 percent and living on 80 percent of your income).  She also endorses the Dave Ramsey philosophy of financial freedom.  I'm down with all of that.  This is a good book and I recommend it.