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Book Review: Rich In Years

Johann Christoph Arnold wrote a really great book called Rich In Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life
I was really impressed with how Arnold wrote about a variety of subjects affecting older adults. He told stories, showed pictures and included beautiful quotes and scriptures throughout the book that really captured the essence of aging gracefully. 
Why can't the final years be the richest years of your life? The stories in this book help readers to enter into the 'Golden Years' with optimism and confidence. 
In a society that tends to devalue those who are older and/or infirm, Arnold gives hope and highlights the value of those who've lived through decades and seen so much.
If you pick up this book, you won't be quick to put it down. Each chapter is well written and easy to read. I found myself smiling as I read this book. 
We are all getting older. I recommend this book to anyone - especially those planning to live richly to the end.