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In Pictures

I just want to post a few pictures of my sweet Lily Ann tonight. She is so active these days. I just love to watch her play and enjoy time at home. She is so curious and joyful. Here are pictures of Lily looking out the window - something she does several times a day. You'll also see Lily licking the window, a pic of her playing on the kitchen floor, and one of her playing in the front yard.

A Pre-personality Profile

A few years back - my husband, and his friend, made me take some little "spiritual test" online - to find out what kind of spiritual person I was. I took it - and emailed my results to Adam. It was days later - in a bagel shop - when Adam, his friend and I began to discuss my results. My husband and his friend both tested into the same category: "the contemplative." I remember feeling a little left out. Because, per the online test, I was deemed "the sage." At the bagel shop, Adam was telling his friend about my results. I remember hearing the words, "Oh, she's a sage." A sage is defined as "a profoundly wise person." I don't resonate with that description. Flattering, I guess, that some would describe me that way. But I'm no sage.

I don't really think that most "type indicator" tests are exhaustive enough to prove anything. I'm a fairly good teacher - but not a sage. My husband is quite a contemplative th…