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Dude, Where's my Husband!?

The day we came home from the hospital with Lily, we were new people. I was the mom. He was the dad. We were confused and frightened and elated - but feeling all of these things separately.
Like many idealistic young couples, we thought we had a pretty good idea of what family life would be like: pregnancy, birth, homelife is bliss, we all go back to work and maintain a "balance" through perseverance. Adam and I had declined all offers of postpartum help, and opted to stay home with her for the first week together. My maternity leave provided me six weeks to stay home and learn to be a mother. Then, our plan was for Adam to work, full time, during the weekdays, while I would work one evening shift and two long shifts on Saturdays and Sundays. On paper, our plan was unbeatable. We could both be full-time, stay-at-home parents and wage earners. We wouldn't have to sacrifice anything! (Enter greed, pride, and a precious sort of ignorance).
After about 5 months of this plan (…