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Lily Ann

Lily Ann went to the beach with daddy this morning.  She's such an awesome big sister so far.  She needed a little special "one on one time" with her favorite guy (who also happens to be my favorite guy).   Also - here's another picture of our new baby.

Miles is Here!

Miles was born on Wednesday morning - 5/26  (6:01am).  7 lbs.10 oz.  20.5 inches long. Another happy hypnobirth.  Things went very well.  Lily Ann has been giddy since we brought him home.  She is so sweet with him and loves to kiss his little head and pat him.  He's just a little joy.  We are all getting settled and trying to figure out a new rhythm of life here.  So far, things are lovely. God has blessed us.

Due Dates are for Library Books

So we are all still waiting on Miles.  According to the cyclic dates, he is four days late.  But according to measurements, he would be right on time if he came today.  I'm not incredibly uncomfortable.  He's in a safe and warm place - I'm just anxious to hold our sweet baby in my arms.  And - admittedly - I'm anxious to be able to move around a little easier and get down on the floor to play with Lily Ann (and be able to get back up without the assistance of a fork lift).

Celebrating TEN Years

May 20th, 2000. A day I'll never forget.  It was when Adam and I took vows, before God, that we would hang onto eachother through good times and bad.  That we'd love eachother, honor eachother and obey eachother.  That we would remain faithful to eachother in our thoughts, words and deeds.  That through sickness and in health we would not ever abandon the other.  And I promised to be my husband's girlfriend for the rest of my life. So far - we're making it.  We've had some really rough times.  And, just like any other marriage, ours has problems.  But I will say - in all honesty - I wouldn't want to be married to any other man.  The tough times and the problems are nothing in comparison to the good times and the joy that our marriage has brought to my life.  Adam is a blessing to me.  He's a fantastic husband.  He's a really good friend to me and an excellent life partner.  He loves his little girl and is a really good dad too.  I love to listen to him br…

Any Day Now . . .

We went to a birthday party, at the park, on Saturday. One of our friends took a picture of our little family as we came in.  From this angle, you can't clearly see how giant my midsection is - but it is quite large.  Adam's jacket (the only one that still fits) hides my hump pretty well too.  Miles should be here any day now.  Literally.  I would be surprised if he's not here within the week.  This morning, I walked about three miles - hoping.  Each day, I try to walk at least a mile or so.  But, so far, the walking has not encouraged any progress.  Maybe I should try skipping.  Does anyone have a pogo stick I could borrow?  Lily Ann is a little princess.  She's been talking about the baby boy in my tummy lately.  And the one in her tummy . . . and in Daddy's tummy.  Someone gave her a book about being a "big sister."  She loves it.  She wants to read it every day.  Right now she is napping with one of her baby dolls.  She's been taking extra special…

What a Difference . . .

At the risk of sounding totally cheesy - I'm going to share a really cool experience.  Over the last 15 years, I have done banking, mostly, with a "giant, monster mega-bank".  Keybank, to be specific.  I signed up with them in my early twenties and just kept all my accounts there.  When Adam and I married, I encouraged him to do the same so that we could merge accounts easier.  He did.  One thing that I learned to get used to was fees from the bank.  Fees for this, fees for that and so on.  It seemed they were just waiting for me to slip up a little, so that they could apply more fees.  However, the longer we had a relationship with this bank, the more trouble it was to just go to a different financial institution.  So, it seemed, we were stuck.  We referred to our bank as "the money pimps" and made jokes about it.  We were careful not to incur fees - but sometimes they got us anyway. It was in listening to The Clark Howard Show one day that I heard how differe…

Just a Funny Cartoon


What if it all Turns out Just Fine?

I read an article, when Lily Ann was about six months old.  In it, there was a direct quote from a mother that said something like "having a second child is not double the work, it is more like quadruple . . ."  When I read that, I recall thinking, "I'm fine with just one child.  I'll never be able to handle four times this workload."  Adam and I had agreed that we had our hands full and probably just needed to focus on raising our one little girl. 
Obviously, God had other plans for us. 
Throughout the past few months, very well-meaning friends and some family members have been warning me that Lily Ann is going to have some adjusting to do when Miles is born.  There have been lots of questions from people like, "how do you think Lily will handle having another baby around?"; "do you think she knows what's about to happen?" and "are you ready for what two babies is going to do to your life?"  Many have passed on stories o…