Let's Do Lunch

This is another book review that I'm posting for the publisher, Thomas Nelson.  It is a review for a book called Let's Do Lunch, by Roger Troy Wilson.  He is a formerly obese man who devised his own plan to lose 230 pounds after trying countless other popular diet plans.  He not only successfully lost the weight, but he has kept it off for more than fifteen years.  Actually, he is the living proof that this plan works.  I was already sold on the program when I read his bio.  But I read the rest of the book to give it a fair nutritional analysis.
It was a quick read - and I really like that.  The introduction was long, but enjoyable.  The diet plan was pretty good - overall.  Mr. Wilson is, obviously, not a nutritionist.  There are a few inconsistencies, overstatements and nutritional errors - but nothing too grievous.  Also, he is not a gourmet chef - if you don't mind cooking with some very mainstream convenience-type foods - you're fine.  But if it pains you to use Hellmann's fat free mayonnaise, dry Ranch dressing mix (loaded with MSG), Borden fat free cheese, or other shortcuts in a recipe - you may not like his suggestions.  Those were my only problems with the book.
Otherwise, his main suggestion (without stating it) is to watch your saturated fat grams and avoid refined sugars.   That is the diet we all should be following - and one that i always sometimes stick to myself.  :)
R.T. Wilson's book was good - for the most part.  I think someone could follow the plan and lose a considerable amount of weight without feeling hungry or dissatisfied.  I give it three out of five stars.


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