Celebrating TEN Years

May 20th, 2000.
A day I'll never forget.  It was when Adam and I took vows, before God, that we would hang onto eachother through good times and bad.  That we'd love eachother, honor eachother and obey eachother.  That we would remain faithful to eachother in our thoughts, words and deeds.  That through sickness and in health we would not ever abandon the other.  And I promised to be my husband's girlfriend for the rest of my life.
So far - we're making it.  We've had some really rough times.  And, just like any other marriage, ours has problems.  But I will say - in all honesty - I wouldn't want to be married to any other man.  The tough times and the problems are nothing in comparison to the good times and the joy that our marriage has brought to my life. 
Adam is a blessing to me.  He's a fantastic husband.  He's a really good friend to me and an excellent life partner.  He loves his little girl and is a really good dad too.  I love to listen to him breathe life to her in the form of encouraging words and affirmations.  She will never have to wonder if her daddy thinks she is lovely.

Marriage isn't easy.  It is one of the biggest challenges in life.  But I'm devoted to honoring my vows forever.  Please always keep me accountable to that goal.  If you ever hear of me deciding to throw in the towel, or you ever see me doing something that isn't edifying my union with Adam - please set me straight.  Remind me of the promise I made, in front of God, to be an honorable wife. 

PS:  I know you may be wondering how a girl - so young - has been married for ten years already.  At eleven years old, I was a young bride, indeed.


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