Any Day Now . . .

We went to a birthday party, at the park, on Saturday. One of our friends took a picture of our little family as we came in.  From this angle, you can't clearly see how giant my midsection is - but it is quite large.  Adam's jacket (the only one that still fits) hides my hump pretty well too.  Miles should be here any day now.  Literally.  I would be surprised if he's not here within the week.  This morning, I walked about three miles - hoping.  Each day, I try to walk at least a mile or so.  But, so far, the walking has not encouraged any progress.  Maybe I should try skipping.  Does anyone have a pogo stick I could borrow?  Lily Ann is a little princess.  She's been talking about the baby boy in my tummy lately.  And the one in her tummy . . . and in Daddy's tummy.  Someone gave her a book about being a "big sister."  She loves it.  She wants to read it every day.  Right now she is napping with one of her baby dolls.  She's been taking extra special care of her babies lately.  I think she's ready for Miles to arrive too.  We all just can't wait to meet him.  Many challenges await - I'm sure - as we transition from a family of three to a family of four.  But I'm trusting that God will bless us with all that we need to muddle through this time of learning and growing.  I'm hoping that my next post will be a lovely picture of our new baby boy!  I'm going to eat some extra spicy food and then jump on the trampoline for a half hour.  (Just kidding).


Alison said…
Sooooo exciting! Won't it be so nice when you can tie your own shoes again?? :-) Looking forward to the photos and hearing about the birth!
Madam b.Fly said…
Hello, My Love!!! I can't wait for pictures! I want to create something for the little ones, I'll keep you posted on what I come up with!
meanjean said…
I was a little bit older than Lily when my parents brought my brother home. I was ecstatic! I thought he was for me.
I absolutely loved having a little bro, and still do! I'm sure it will be an amazing time for all of you.
Can't wait for pictures

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