A Tea Party

Lastnight - there was a "Tea Party" in our city. As there was in many major cities across our free country. I'm not too much of an activist. However, this was the first protest that I ever wanted to attend. It was awesome. A message to our federal government that we don't really need so much of their "help". That our children don't want to be forever in debt because of our mistakes. That we don't want any rebates, bailouts, stimulus checks. We'd rather our children and grandchildren grow up in a free country. With a free economy and free trade. Just like we did. We want our country to remain as free as ever before.

Now I'm not a member of either of the two major political parties. Both want much bigger government than I ever wish to see. I just want to live here, in freedom and peace and as a positive force in my community. Without ever having to ask Big Brother how I should raise my child, spend my time or money or manage my own health. I want that for my family too.

Here's a picture of some other freedom-loving Americans that I spoke with after the protest. They might be a bit more radical and extreme than I am. But I was glad to meet them - and also glad that they are willing to go to such extremes to make a statement.


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