Driving Lessons

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in a hurry to get home from work. Mainly because It was 10:30pm and I was tired. Anyway - I wasn't speeding. But I decided to pass a line of cars, in the "turn only" lane, while they were waiting at the stoplight. (When the light turned green, of course). Seemed like the only way I'd get ahead of those slowpokes.

Well - the front car in that line was an undercover police officer. And - I was unaware that three of the four breaklights on the back of my car were burnt out and my right turn signal was also in need of a change. So - he waited until I failed to signal at the next turn and pulled me over.

I knew exactly why I'd been pulled off the road. Not only was I driving a moving violation - but I was driving like a fool. I can come up with lots of excuses as to why I was in a rush to get home. I can explain and qualify and justify all day long. But - in truth - I was acting like a complete moron.

I would never drive that way with my daughter, my husband - or anyone else in the car with me. For some reason - on my short commute to work and back home - I've become accustomed to breaking the rules.

Well the cop pulled me over and gave me quite a (well-deserved) tongue lashing. He told me that he had expected to see a 17-year-old girl behind the wheel by the way I was driving. He was so right. He said my fines would exceed $300. The lecture continued and I agreed with every point he made. I took it like a man. No tears, no excuses - just sat there. Corrected. And $300 poorer. But - just as if he'd had it all planned - he gave me a few more pointed rebukes, told me to have my husband replace my bulbs then he turned, walked to his car and drove away. No ticket, no written warning. Just a lesson learned.

Then - of course I had to tell Adam. (Well somebody had to change my bulbs.) I also got a little talking-to from the husband. And I needed to hear it from him too. There was really no excuse for my rotten driving. It was a very good thing for me to be pulled over by that officer. Probably the best thing that could've happened for me that night.

Later, I realized that I had never before been "let go" for a moving violation. As a teenager, and in college, I was pulled over a lot. And I had a few speeding tickets. I also have had a few parking tickets and once had to attend a defensive driving course to get my driving record cleared up. I used to hear stories about young ladies working up fake tears to get out of speeding tickets, young men making up ridiculous stories - and others downright begging their way out of traffic fines. So I wondered - have any of you been "let go" from a minor moving violation? Vote in my poll. It's anonymous.

I'd also love to hear your stories. If you'd like to share your most memorable encounter with the 5-0, post a comment after this blog.


Alison said…
Oh, I've had my share of being pulled over! The past two times have been for rolling through stop signs close to home. The last one, the cop followed me into my neighborhood. I didn't really know why he stopped me. He said I didn't stop at the RR tracks SS. I guess I looked shocked, like I didn't realize it was there b/c he said, "Don't act surprised. You've lived here a long time and you know it's there!" I said, "I know." He looked in the backseat, saw three sleeping children and told me not to do it again! Believe me, I stop at that stop sign every time now! I was very thankful for not getting a ticket. Steve would NOT have been happy with me! Although, I really didn't think you had to stop at stop signs at RR tracks unless a train was coming. Is that not true??
Jess collins said…
I got pulled over for going 45 in a 30, and I was balling- not because of the officer but I was trying to get home after getting my heart broken. The cop didn't care and I really didn't say anything to him. thank goodness it was in hendricks county because it was only 70 bucks.

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