WOF conference review, a guest post by Kimber M.

This is a review for the Women of Faith Conference - in Anaheim. Kimber M. attended in my stead and wrote a review for this blog for me. . . . here it is:
On Friday, the first session was kind of an intro of all the speakers and a little sharing from them all. The main speaker that interested me was Andy Andrews. He was something else. He really touched my heart when he shared his story about becoming an adult orphan at age 18 or 19, can't remember which. He reminded me of how lost and ingnorant we can all be of our own circumstances and calling and why following a path that God has designed for us just makes sense. It was real.
Of course the other main speaker, Patsy was extremely funny and a breath of fresh air from seeing all these real together, perfect bodies floating around. She helped me see the not so perfect me that God can use anyway.
Then there was lunch... well let me put it to you this way, with the good comes the bad. Not that the lunch was bad, but getting to the lunch was what I would call scary. Just imagine, thousands of hungry, hormonal, middle aged+ women who skipped the restroom to beat the rush; swarming through a very tight hallway then spilling out to the parking lot to very unskillfully form into several single file lines to grab a box lunch then run back to their seat, deposit the lunch, and run to stand in the mile long line at the bathroom. Which, oops happens to be one of the men's restrooms that they changed to women's JUST FOR THIS CONFRENCE and it only has THREE STALLS!!! LOL...now that I'm sitting here thinking about it, it was actually funny.
On Friday at the last session, me and my hopefully someday inlaw were just blown away at the speakers and the concert! IT WAS FABULOUS! Just what we both needed. I can't remember the main speaker's first name, but the last name was Warner. Her husband is in the NFL. She was adorable, a dynamic speaker and seeing someone who IS so perfect looking speak about things that brought her down to the rest of our level was just amazing. I can't remember the singer's name at the end of the night either (I'm bad with names) but she not only sang but gave a tremendous testamony that I'm sure many there could relate to. Needless to say, my guest and I both felt the tension and stress just melt off about a quarter way through the night and by the end we were dancing, singing, smiling and praising the Lord! Together! No not quite a miracle but definately a blessing.
On Saturday, my guest and I enjoyed every moment we were there. Oh and by the way, the seats were awesome. They were on the floor about five rows back. So we didn't miss a thing. There were more of the same speakers on Saturday, which were still phenominal...and we are women so we figured out how to beat the rush for the bathroom and lunches by the second day...LOL. We learned more about Patsy through her testamony and enjoyed more of Lisa from the 80's tv show The Facts of Life. I think the real treat of Saturday was Sandi Patty though. Her voice and the way she uses it is just amazing. 


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