unPlanned - a book & DVD review

Abby Johnson was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She underwent two abortions herself and had counseled hundreds of women through the process.
There were always protesters outside her clinic. It wasn’t unusual for Abby to read hateful signs from the protesters, or be the target of verbal attacks or threats. But one group, from the Coalition for Life, A peaceful and truly Christian group began praying for Abby.
The peace with which the Coalition for Life members operated surprised Abby. One of the protesters and Abby even formed a friendship. Abby’s heart began to change, and one day – as she was assisting in an abortion, she realized that she couldn’t go on as the director of the clinic.
Abby’s decision, that day, changed everything. Her next steps, into the Coalition for Life office, made national news, as she went from her role at Planned Parenthood to being a leader in the right-to-life movement.
In unPlanned, Abby tells her story of courage and reformation. The book and DVD are both excellent and they give a view of abortion from both sides of the fence.


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