A Year With God

I was given a copy of A Year With God by the publisher, Thomas Nelson.  I thought this book was fine.  I read other reviews, about it, that were pretty harsh - and some that were glowing.  I'm going to take middle ground on this one and give it three out of five stars.  I enjoyed each reading from this daily reader.  The focus is on the words of God - all Old Testament readings.  I found that a refreshing change from most Christian literature.  Also, it wasn't as "fluffy" as most daily readers.  I like that in a book. I found one factual error - but it was just the wrong name of a Bible character and a typo - the main points weren't heretical or anything.  On Amazon, other reviewers seemed to be looking for things about which to complain.  I think new and different perspectives on the Bible and God's words are interesting and I can learn from them.  I like the undated pages.  I'm a pretty sequential person, and I like that I can read three days or one day at a time without feeling like I'm skipping ahead or falling behind.  It's a good book.  I would buy it.
Thanks for reading my review.


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