The Mom

This is life for me most days.  Juggling both babies and trying to get the house cleaned.  I've had struggles with contentment lately.  Wishing away some of this lifestyle.  But today I really came to grips with some things.  God has given me so many blessings.  I have two, healthy and lovely babies.  I have a husband, who is not only incredibly handsome, but he's devoted to me and to his family. 
I was feeling the warmth of fresh baby puke on my back and thinking about how unhappy I am and how rough my life is.  That was when I realized that I could have actual problems.  What If one of my kids was sick?  What if my husband stopped coming home at night?  What if my belongings went up in flames?  What if I truly had something to complain about?!
I realized (again) that I have a pretty charmed life. 
I'm going to try and work on my attitude a bit today.  


Andrea Moberly said…
Ahh the continual battle of mother. I love the perspective and will be pondering the same thing today! Blessings for you this Holiday season!
Alison said…
I agree with Andrea-continuous battle within! So often, we definitely have to ponder ths things you were saying and remember to rejoice and be thankful! Some days are tougher than others. :-) I also love that any time you mention Adam, you have to say how handsome he is before anything else. You guys and your neverending "romantic love" phase of your marriage! :-)
You are both such beautiful people!

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