Daddy's Girl

Now it is true - Lily Ann is very well attached to her mother. She follows me around like a little shadow and gets very upset when we have to be apart. However, she absolutely loves it when she can have the attention of her handsome father.
She knows the sound of his particular footsteps when he comes up the stairs. She says "daddy" and looks expectantly at the door when she hears his walk.
She loves to pat him when he's sleeping. She likes to take walks with him and go to the beach with him. They have special dates at a nearby cafe' as well.
One of our friends snapped this photo of Lily and Adam at church together last week. I think it is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen.


Madam b.Fly said…
I MISS YOU GUYS!!! She is getting SO big! I have to send you pictures of my Lilies! They still ask about you all the time, so I know that we absolutely HAVE to visit before this year is over.
Alison said…
I agree! Very sweet!

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