2008 Holiday Season with Lily . . .

Better than we ever could've expected. Thanksgiving was awesome. We had a nice, short drive down to the mountains to spend time with some cherished family members that we seldom see. My brother and his wife and son. They are so very important to me and Adam. They treated us like we were weary travelers in need of a peaceful respite in their home. My brother had prepared the guestroom; my sister-in-law had bought sweet little gifts for Lily and she made an incredible Thanksgiving dinner; and my "all-grown-up" nephew gave up a weekend of college-life to spend the holiday with us. Just before we left town, my sister-in-law insisted on a trip to the local babystore so that she could be assured that baby Lily had that one item that all mothers of crawlers need . . . the (formerly banned) baby-walker. And what an investment. I've never quite been a fan of the "exersaucer". I mean - sure - it seems like it might be fun for five minutes, but a baby like ours needs to MOVE. She needs freedom, roaming room, and whole house domination. The walker was well received by Lily - and it is a big blessing for us.
And Christmas. We hosted a small "open house" on Christmas Eve, so that we wouldn't have to pick just one home for our family to visit. Many people came by to see Lily and to wish us well. Adam and I were just so glad to have such a nice evening with people who loved us and wanted to bless our home with their warmth at Christmas time. It was also such a blessing to us that people brought along their children to help us celebrate this sweet time of year.
Christmas morning brought even more bliss. Adam, Lily and I stayed in and cherished our day. We counted every blessing. We ate together, played together and laughed together. It was the best Christmas day we could have ever asked to have. And our Christmas evening was spent doing some light community service with some very close friends. We laughed a LOT together and had a great night.
I'm not sure what we'll do for New Year's Eve. I can't imagine it will be all too exciting - but I'm not so sure excitement is ranking at #1 on our family's bucket list these days. My hope is that we love each other - with every breath, every word and every step. And that we care for each other even more than we care for ourselves. I can't imagine that I'll always be true to that motto - but I hope that I will stay focused on that goal this holiday season.
Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate the birth of our Savior with joy this Christmas. And to those of you who sent cards and photos and gifts. Thanks to our friends that are near and those who are far away - just for being friends to us. I can't begin to recount the much needed words of encouragement that have come from the lips of loyal friends this year. Adam and I have, sincerely, thanked God (over and over) for the overwhelming blessing of those who have stood as examples of Christ's Love in our lives. And finally, thank you to our families. All of you who have watched Adam and I grow up and become parents over the past year. What patience you must have for us. And such an apparent love and commitment to our lives.
We are counting our blessings as we enter into 2009.


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