His Love is Amazing

Sometimes when I buy something for my kids - something special that I know they'll love, I can't wait to give it to them. And when I do, I love to see their little faces light up and it thrills me to watch them enjoy it.
I think that must be how God feels when He blesses His children with wonderful gifts. I can imagine that He just can't wait to bless us. And that His heart is warmed when He sees our faces as we receive it. And I'm sure it thrills our Heavenly Father when he watches us enjoy His gift.
Lately my family has been blessed by God in a plethora of ways.
First - He led us to list our house for sale - a home that we had bought in 2010 for pennies on the dollar. Then - within 3 days of listing it - we had two offers on the home. We accepted an offer that was $10K more than our asking price, walking away with enough profit to pay off all of our debt and invest in a business my husband had been wanting to start for years.
After that, we had less than 11 days to secure a home to rent. One by one, the rentals in our price range were rented before we could get our applications in. With six days left before we had to be out of our home - God led us to a Realtor who found us the perfect home to rent, at just the right price.
Then Adam began the process of starting his business and was blessed beyond measure when he prayed about making his first major business purchase and found just the right item priced lower than he'd ever imagined.
Then God made a way for him to find work in a neighboring city - when our own city didn't pan out as we thought it would.
Soon after he began working out of town, God gave us the foresight to begin looking for a home to rent in that town - as the commute was taking a toll on our family and our wallet. We found a wonderful little place to rent right near where Adam works and it also happens to be less than three miles from a beautiful beach.
Backyard of the new home!

Our current landlord required that we find a tenant to take over our lease in order to avoid huge fees for breaking our lease. So - once again - God led a couple to our house. We showed them the place at 9:30am this past Wednesday morning and by 11am they had met with our landlord and signed a one year lease of their own.
With things finalized, we'll be moving to that lovely little beach house in about a week. Amazingly, we are almost completely packed up and the entire process has seemed as smooth as butter.
I'm overwhelmed at what God has done for us in these last six months. Every time we've asked God for help in some area, He's come back with a blessing far greater than what we had in mind. It's been one blessing after another. One amazing gift after another and small ones in between. Not to mention the much appreciated help from family and friends.
I'm writing all of this down because I don't want to forget one detail - of how He plucked us out of the desert and placed us in a home that is ten times more amazing than we ever dreamed of.
His faithfulness and love have left me amazed and overjoyed.


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