Things to Remember

So lately - I've been overcome with the desire to document some things that my kids are doing - or were doing so I never forget them. I'm not very sentimental. I don't do scrapbooks and didn't make baby books. I don't have a wedding album and there is only one framed photograph displayed in my home. I hope to get better at all this - but for now, I'm just going to jot some things down here that I never want to forget.

When Lily Ann was just beginning to talk, she said some of the sweetest things. She called flowers "fallers". When she wanted help with something, she'd say "help you" (with a big question mark at the end). Her pacifier was her "fwop-fwop." She loved drinking smoothies - and she would call them "moonies." When I was pregnant with Miles, Lily loved talking about the baby in my belly. She also claimed to have a baby in her belly - and asked all sorts of women if they had a baby in their belly. When we first brought Miles home from the hospital, she rubbed his little baby head and said, "toft."
More recently, we were driving past a car dealership with a big line of balloons bordering the lot. Lily asked, from the backseat, if those cars were having a birthday party. She also refers to California as Caleeyafornia.

Miles has just turned two - and has been saying some super cute things lately. One of his very first words was "La La" (that's what he called Lily, before he could say her name). When he started learning animal sounds, he couldn't quite say "moo" - instead, he said "mmmmmmm." And when I asked him what a piggy said, he would say, "Onk Onk." One word he learned quickly was please or "fweeze." That seemed to get him whatever he wanted. If he wanted to nurse in the middle of the night, he would say "mo fweeze." that soon progressed to "nursey fweeze." If he kicks his covers off in the night, he says "Cov Me!" When he wants water, he asks for "wawee." He loves "Tommy Twain" (Thomas the Train). When he wants a little time alone, he tells Lily that he needs some "face" or some "frivacy." He loves to pretend to be a monster and chase Lily around the house.

There are so many other sweet things they say - I'll be coming back to this post and adding them when I remember them - so I'll never forget. :)


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