Bible Stories for Preshchoolers - A Book Review

Let me just begin by saying that I've been looking for a good book for my three year old with Bible stories. We've found a few, here and there, but they seem to be either too difficult for her to understand or too simple to explain the full message.
When I was given the opportunity to review this book of Bible Stories for Preschoolers, from Tyndale publishers, I was eager to do it.
The book is about the size of a regular Bible - pretty thick and hard covered.  This, of course, delighted my daughter. She immediately said, "This is my Bible."
Upon reading the first few stories, I was just as "in love" as she was. The stories are written just for a preschooler. Language is easy to understand - there are built-in questions, like "do you see the boat Noah is building?" And the stories are accurate - not silly, rhyming words that don't mean much - but real stories, written for the average preschooler.
Obviously not all the stories of the Bible are included - just those that a preschooler can grasp.
The artwork is good and helpful too.
The other benefits are the end of the chapter discussion questions. They give parents good ideas on questions to ask or things to talk about right after the story.  There is also an optional craft or project idea to go along with each story - which would be great for a Sunday School class or homeschooling or a family craft.
I was blown away by the quality and readability of this book.
I recommend it for all parents and their preschoolers!
I was given a copy of this for review, from Tyndale Publishers - but I am not required to submit a positive review.


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