What's He Really Thinking? -a book review

So I'm reviewing another book for the publisher, Thomas Nelson.  And - just a sidenote - you can sign up to review books too if you want.  Go to www.booksneeze.com and check out the program.  Thomas Nelson publishers will send you free copies of books if you will take the time to review them.  You pay nothing and get to choose from a selection of titles. 

Okay  - on to my review of What's He Really Thinking:  How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life, by Paula Rinehart.

I really liked the book.  It is full of good information about men and how their brain works.  I have a fantastic husband, and books like these help me to further understand him and meet his needs better. 

The first thing that I liked about this book was the cover.  I know that's a bit silly - but every time I picked it up, I noticed (again) how well done the cover was.   I thought the way the author covered the subject matter was good.  She writes well and she expanded the audience to include women who wanted to relate better to their male bosses, brothers and friends - not just husbands and boyfriends.  There were also discussion starters, at the end.  And they weren't cheesy.  They were really cool questions to ask the man in your life - ways to get to know him better and deepen a relationship.

I rarely give five out of five stars.  But I'm doing it now.  Great book.  Five stars.

I was given a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers.  However, I am - in no way - required to submit a positive review. 


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