A Bedtime Story for Baby

Last night, while I was at work, Adam heard Lily Ann talking up a storm in her playpen. He went to see who she was talking to and found her "reading" a story to her baby doll. Baby was in her lap and Lily Ann was softly stroking Baby's bald head as she jabbered and turned the pages in one of her storybooks. Fortunately, Adam snapped this picture for me - and for you!


Michaelene said…
That is absolutely adorable. I always loved it when Eric e-mailed me pictures at work so I didn't miss things like that. We should meet up at the park sometime- maybe next Friday? I'll give you a call soon.
Julie said…
so sweet, you have quite a charming little one. Sounds like she's practicing to be just as great of a mommy as YOU!!!!
Elizabeth Bourne' said…
That is so beautiful!!!! I love all stages of childrens' lives, but this is defintely one of my favorites. And what an intelligent little one you have! I'm so impressed with how you are raising her, Amanda. Keep up the good work. Love and prayers!!! Liz

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