A Pre-personality Profile

A few years back - my husband, and his friend, made me take some little "spiritual test" online - to find out what kind of spiritual person I was. I took it - and emailed my results to Adam. It was days later - in a bagel shop - when Adam, his friend and I began to discuss my results. My husband and his friend both tested into the same category: "the contemplative." I remember feeling a little left out. Because, per the online test, I was deemed "the sage." At the bagel shop, Adam was telling his friend about my results. I remember hearing the words, "Oh, she's a sage." A sage is defined as "a profoundly wise person." I don't resonate with that description. Flattering, I guess, that some would describe me that way. But I'm no sage.

I don't really think that most "type indicator" tests are exhaustive enough to prove anything. I'm a fairly good teacher - but not a sage. My husband is quite a contemplative though. And on the subject of our offspring . . . the jury is still out.

I see such interesting traits in her - even now. At nine months old, Lily is quite an insightful one. On regular occasions, in public, Lily makes grown-ups uncomfortable. She stares folks down. At home, she's all smiles and giggles. But when we're out - she has a complete pokerface. And the minute someone stops to try and elicit a smile from her - she begins her visual scrutiny. There are no smiles. Just serious and unwavering stares - as if she can just see right through people.

She's also quite wary. She's not a huge fan of the baby swing. She doesn't mind sitting in it - but she normally reaches out and grabs the frame to make it stop moving. Sometimes she'll lay back and let it swing - but she wouldn't dare fall asleep in it. Similar story with the "doorframe jumper" - she prefers her feet firmly planted on the floor.

Lily came into this world very alert. She has remained ever so aware of what is around her. The second she hears Daddy's car pull into the driveway - she's looking for him to walk in the door. Many times, she keeps one eye slightly open while she sleeps. Watching - making sure there's no funny business going on around here.

She also seems to be a "learn by doing" kind of girl. Her hands, feet and tongue are all over everything until she's got it all figured out (including Daddy's eyeglasses).

For her age, she's pretty cooperative - but she isn't interested in "peek-a-boo." Countless adults have tried the game with her. My mom even tried putting a blanket up over Lily's eyes and head - then quickly removing it to see if she might play along. Lily responded with a calm, but punitive glance - as if to say, "Please don't do anything like that again."

I'm having so much fun discovering cute little glimpses of her personality these days. She seems to be showing us bits and pieces each day. I'll conclude this post with a short list of occupations that I think Miss Lily is already qualified to pursue:

1. Judge

2. Poker Player

3. Pick-Pocket

4. Night Watchman

5. Dental Hygienist

6. Paper Shredder

7. Life Coach

8. Kissing Booth Operator


Alison said…
Interesting list! Which would you prefer? :-) I think you are very wise! :-)

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