A Tribute to my Lifemate . . .

I just want to put this in print . . . in cyberprint I guess.
My husband is working hard today - at a "J.O.B."
He goes there every morning.
He likes it well enough - but if he had the choice, he'd be doing something more fun.
He could be shopping, going for a long walk, updating his blog, playing with his newborn daughter or enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch - but he chooses to go to work and pay the bills so that I can do those things.
Sure, the life of a "stay-at-home-mom" is full of work too. But it isn't a "J.O.B." I have the freedom to take Lily to the zoo and pay the bills tomorrow. I can catch a playdate with some other moms and put off the laundry another day or so.

I wouldn't have those luxuries were it not for my husband. He misses a lot of fun here at home each day. But do I ever hear one complaint? Do I ever have to drag him out of bed and kick him out the door to get him to work? Nope. In fact, he gets up and helps me in the mornings before work. As if he hasn't any other thing to do for himself.
I absolutely know that I don't deserve the blessings of the life that I have. And I don't know what I did to get this fantastic man to hang around - but I'm so thankful this morning, for all of it.

*Note* If you've accidentally thrown up a little while reading this exceedingly mushy post, I do apologize.


Andrea Moberly said…
You're so sweet... and yes, I did throw up a little bit LOL :)
Alison said…
So sweet. It is such a blessing that our husbands give us, isn't it? I totally agree and am so thankful for the same things. When I do have frustrating days, Steve offers to stay home and let me work. No thanks! I wouldn't trade this for anything! :-)
Julie said…
what a wonderfully supportive wife! Way to be an example of how it should be! You go girl! Y ou Ephesians 5:22 lady!

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