Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Life with a Newborn Lily . . .

so far, being a mom is the most lovely experience of my life. my sweet baby Lily is 11 weeks old and an absolute blessing to her father and me.

here are ten reasons we are loving life with her:

10. Smiles, coos and baby giggles.

9. Drool on the left shoulder is good luck.

8. She's still breathing - and we'll check to make sure in another five minutes.

7. Perfect excuse for cancelling plans.

6. Learn to do anything . . . one-handed.

5. She's so advanced!

4. Who needs "grown-up" conversation?

3. Projectile bodily functions . . . of all kinds.

2. More LOVE than we've ever known before.

1. No chance we'll oversleep!


Alison said…
Lovely! Welcome to the world of blogging! It's so much fun, isn't it??
Julie said…
you're pretty funny!! I'm learning the one-handed thing as i type!! ; ) I as well have been fretful of entering the blog world myself... you're inspiring me... maybe when Naomi starts to nap longer than 20 minute stretches I'll make the plunge!! But, your site is grrrreat!! You use it well!! PS..I like the lovey dovey pic of you adn Adam, sweethearts!!
Grandma!! said…
Grandma Moore loves her Lily-pad!!! xoxoxo

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